Donate to WAWWE


WAWWE is a Social Enterprise, not a for-profit business, and every dollar contributed is reinvested into making meals available to more people and supporting local farms, while decreasing the negative environmental impact of how food is currently produced and consumed.
We have received a heartwarming amount of support, and are rapidly growing - we are serving over 3000 meals a week, with a continual waitlist for our meal plan service. Saltspring clearly wants this community initiative.
Our mission is for the WAWWE meal service to be affordable and accessible for the majority of islanders, not a luxury 'foodie' commodity. Everyone can have access to meals from local farm produce, free from preservatives and additives. We can do this with zero emissions delivery, and all reusable packaging too. We can do this together. Contributions are key for scaling our operations, especially in these early growth stages while we are finding a path to becoming financially sustainable. 
A donation directly to WAWWE helps us further our initiatives -
  • Support local farms and products
  • Eliminate single-use food packaging
  • Provide local employment
  • Reduce usage of gas, electricity, dish soap and water in food production
  • Reduce food waste
  • Support sustainable, regenerative farming
  • Provide delicious, nutritious meals to Saltspringers

Some of you have asked for a recurring tip to be automatically added to your order each week, and this is the way you can do that.

WAWWE is a Social Enterprise, created exclusively for social welfare and civic improvement. BC recognizes this type of business, but at this time does not offer any special tax status, so unfortunately we cannot provide charitable receipts. 

Your donation will help our social enterprise grow, and will have an immediate and positive impact on our community and planet too. If you would like to make a donation specifically to feed families in need, you can do that too.