Affordable convenient meals that are good for you, our community, and the planet.

Enjoy delicious, plant-based meals prepared on our local Salt Spring farm. Wooden crates of fully prepared meals with zero single-use packaging are delivered right to your doorstep using 100% electric vehicles. Super affordable meal plan includes the majority of your meals for the week. We will also have single meals for purchase as well as other local food products.

Sounds great! When are you starting deliveries again?

We plan to resume service in 2025.

What???? Yes - it will be a while. We are doing A LOT of improvements. Read more about our temporary pause and what is in the works here.

If you were not already with us in the trial, please add your name and you will be contacted when we resume service.

IMPORTANT - This page describes the original pilot program.

When we start again in 2025, we will have some differences from what we provided in the pilot program - like more customization, and a wider array of local products in addition to meals. We are still working out the details.

Most things will be similar in the re-launch, but not exactly as described below. We are providing this information to give you the flavour of what we do in the meantime.

WAWWE is a new, truly planet-friendly way to feed your family

Sunday-Thursday Meal Plan (13 meals for $90)

Enjoy delicious, plant-based meals prepared by the amazing Haidee Hart. Wooden crates of fully prepared meals with zero single-use packaging are delivered right to your doorstep using 100% electric vehicles. Crates are delivered Sunday and Tuesday afternoons and contain dinner for that evening as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next couple of days. Thirteen farm fresh meals in total.

Community Driven

Local chefs inspired by local farms

Seasonally inspired, wholesome ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms directly into our local kitchen where Haidee Hart and her team of amazing chefs prepare them into delicious meals that are delivered fresh to your doorstep. Drawing inspiration from the farms, forests and ocean around Salt Spring Island, Haidee's menus reflect the exceptional ingredients that our region has to offer. Everything that Haidee and her team creates is done with great thought and care for your health and the health of the planet.


A typical day of WAWWE meals

Our menu is ever changing with the seasons, and each week brings you something new and special from our kitchen. All our food is plant based and most items are also gluten free.

Chocolate avocado chia breakfast mousse

Carrot ginger soup with coconut cream and fresh lemon
Woodshed provisions salad
Blueberry citrus muffin 

Kids Lunch
Fusilli pasta with winter herb parsley
Blueberry citrus muffin
Carrot and cucumber sticks
Sundried tomato hummus
Deluxe granola bar 

Roasted seasonal vegetables with fresh rosemary and lemon zest 
Quinoa with fresh herbs and special olive oil 
Tahini lemon sauce 
Winter greens salad with maple balsamic vinaigrette


Delivery schedule

Wooden crates are delivered to your doorstep brimming with food in reusable containers on Sunday and Tuesday afternoons. The crates and rinsed containers are collected on the next delivery to be washed and refilled. 

Delivery 1 - Sunday Afternoon (1:00-5:30pm)

Sunday - Dinner
Monday - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Tuesday - Breakfast and Lunch

Delivery 2 - Tuesday Afternoon (1:00-5:30pm)
Tuesday - Dinner
Wednesday - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Thursday - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Weekly cost

The intention of WAWEE is accessibility for all, not profit. Our goal is to make the daily meal service not only viable for our planet, but for your wallet too. Every extra dollar we earn will be reinvested into making our meals available to more people, while decreasing the negative environmental impact of how food is currently produced and consumed. Anyone is welcome to contribute ideas and volunteer to make this happen. Contact us to talk about it.

$90 / week per adult

$65 / week per child

Weekly subscriptions can be paused and resumed at any time. You do not need to sign up every week to be part of the WAWWE food experience.


Shift effortlessly to a full or partial plant-based diet.

Our meal service includes 13 plant-based meals per week. It provides a great foundation for either a full or partial plant-based diet. During the grind of the working week, your family will be supplied with 3 wholesome and freshly-prepared meals a day. 

Friday to Sunday you will have the space to connect around your own favourite foods. Some of our subscribers will continue to eat plant-based on the weekends. Others will supplement with dairy and meat as desired. We encourage everyone to find planet friendly options.


Every WAWWE meal you eat or gift makes the world a better place.

Not only will you personally feel amazing from eating healthy and delicious WAWWE food, but your actions will have an immediate and positive impact on our community and planet.

- Eliminate single-use food packaging

- Significantly reduce usage of gas, electricity, dish soap and water

- Get at least 6 hours a week back for yourself. Take back the time spent grocery shopping, preparing food, meal planning, dishwashing, packing lunches for school or work, and managing recycling, composting, and garbage.

- Eliminate preservatives and other unnecessary additives in your diet

- Stop financially supporting destructive farming practices

- Start financially supporting sustainable, regenerative farming

Ready to start?

At the top of this page there is a signup for the WAWWE meal service.
Please add your contact information and we will let you know when we resume service in 2025.
Why is that date so far in the future? Find out more about the why behind WAWWE.