Why contribute to WAWWE?

WAWWE is an independently funded Social Enterprise - building community instead of profits. 
We are changing the way we consume food products so it is healthier at all levels - our bodies, our community, and the planet. We 
support our local farmers and economy, eliminate single-use food packaging and transport emissions, and simply make it a breeze for Saltspringers to nourish themselves with local fresh wholesome delicious food.

In our 6 month trial during 2021 we delivered 40,000 planet-friendly meals with electric vehicles to Saltspringers. Our collective impact on the local food system was inspiring, and showed us the demand was there for change. We still have so much more work to do to expand these services to be a sustainable cornerstone of our community. See https://wawwe.ca/pages/why-wawwe for the full story. 

Help us realize a local food revolution. There are many ways to contribute to the WAWWE initiative and we need your help.  

Donate to WAWWE

Put your money to work somewhere that will have an immediate and profound impact. Your donation supports our local community by providing nutritious food, employment, and food security. Every dollar we receive will be used to make planet-friendly, healthy meals affordable to as many Saltspringers as possible.


Volunteer your time

We are a grassroots movement that is looking to create lasting, systemic change. We need all the help we can get - at this time we are putting up greenhouses and other buildings at the farm, acquiring grants and funding, preparing menus, and optimizing our farm to table system of delivery.
From on the ground building skills, experienced consulting, grant writing and more, we like to collaborate. Talk to us about how you can best help. 


Share our story 

Together we can grow a truly planet-friendly alternative to eating over-processed, over-packaged, over-priced food. Share our website on social media, through your networks, and if you have special skills or resources that may be of help in our communications, please reach out.