WAWWE is a Social Enterprise

WAWWE is a Social Enterprise

Why is WAWWE a Social Enterprise? 
I thought you just made convenient delicious meals.

As a Social Enterprise, WAWWE aims to support humanity’s shift into a healthy relationship with food. 

The industrial food system is broken and the harm it creates is accelerating at a scary rate. The nutrient-poor, calorie-dense, high-sugar refined food it pumps out is causing most of the illnesses seen by doctors today. The devastation it wreaks on the environment, air, and water is absolutely horrifying. 

Most people understand all this, yet find it very difficult to switch to a planet-friendly diet. On a personal level we’ve struggled with this for years and kept resorting to what was familiar and convenient. WAWWE was founded to help solve this problem, and let people effortlessly switch from a destructive system to a planet-friendly regenerative one with the click of a few buttons. We believed that if the service was affordable, delicious, nourishing, saved time, and it improved individual, community and planet health, then switching would be a no-brainer and dead easy! 

We are putting funding and people power behind the WAWWE initiative that we see as crucial to our health - for our bodies, our community, and our planet. 

So how can I help?
If you would like to be more involved, have ideas, skills, financial resources or time to contribute, or simply want to receive updates, email us.

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