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This is Wawwe
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This is WAWWE.

A bit about our app.

Wawwe is based on the very true notion of "We Are What We Eat". Our goal is to raise public awareness about healthier food choices and create a community of empowered consumers in an innovative and entirely interactive way - imagine graphs, nutritional insights, and much more to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and inspire change in the obesisty epidemic we are facing today!

People have dietary restrictions, but don’t know how to or find it difficult to comply.

Wawwe is a reference tool and meal delivery app that helps you be compliant with your voluntary or involuntary dietary preferences.

Supports Clinical Decisions

Saves Valuable Time

Keeps Focus on Patients

Nutritional Insights

Wawwe is intelligent. It can give you real time information about what you eat and help you make smarter choices to be healthier

Wawwe is Social

You don't need to be alone while being healthy, share your progress with friends and get support to achieve your goals.

Track your progress

With comprehensive graphs you will be able to track your
progress and improve your consumption.


Health Analysis

Along with alerting you of the latest FDA recalls, we will encourage you to reach your ideal weight, and level of hydration. Talk about customer care!


The shopping process has never been so easy, fun and personal. Simply list the items you want to purchase and we’ll rank it, telling you if its good for you or not!


That's right, you will have nutrition experts at your fingertips! Given direct access to professional advice and their noteworthy blog, you will be up to date with all the nutrition and health trends available.

Wawwe Picks

A collections of things we think will make your experience with food more enjoyable, practical, and unique.

  • Restaurants.

    The best restaurants around based on your dietary needs. Just search for a name and we’ll tell you the ratings, menu, location, contact information and even ways to say “Enjoy your meal” in various languages.

  • Meal Delivery

    Get handcrafted meals made to fit your personal dietary preferences delivered to your doorstep.
    Heart healthy, kidney healthy, Diabetic friendly, low sodium, gluten-free, we got you covered.

  • We are what we eat.

    So let’s raise awareness on healthier alternatives and healthier lifestyles so you can become a healthier you!

Our Founding Team.

Rafaela Frota

Founder & CEO

Rogers Sampaio


Our Collaborators.

Milton Sousa


Vitor Bidart


Juliana Jordani

Health Educator

Products that Give Back.

  • Turning beer into food. At FINNEGANS, we’re all about making a difference. That’s why it is our mission to create sustainable change for those affected by hunger through profits from our brews and other innovative products and events. Through the FINNEGANS Community Fund, we are turning 100% of profits from beer into food for the hungry. Even better news is that 98% of all funds that are donated to the FINNEGANS Community Fund go directly back to alleviating hunger in local community ­– we pay our tax accountant and filing fees and that’s it.

  • We are a specialty gum and mint brand dedicated to bringing great flavor back into your day while at the same time giving back to 7 areas of need. All of our products are proudly made here in America. We partner with non profits making impacts both here in America and abroad. Great Tasting and World Changing.

    Little purchases when added up, can pull many people together and make life changing impacts every day of the week. We're thankful for our non profits, suppliers, distributors, retailers, brokers and end-customers who make this equation and story possible.

  • Be kind, and have a KIND bar.

    From the healthy snacks and foods they make, to their commitment to social entrepreneurship with impact, their focus is on making the world a little kinder, one act at a time (no arm-twisting here, promise). Their message of holistic kindness has been the foundation of KIND since day one, and continues each time they create a new snack or introduce a new social initiative. One simple, foundational belief underpins it all: There’s more to business than just profit.