Gift meals to Saltspringers in need


Kids, seniors, and whole families are struggling to put meals on the table on Saltspring - especially given all the dramatic changes of the last year. You can nurture a fellow Saltspringer with the gift of healthy local food, and support island farms and jobs at the same time. 

We are working with community services to ensure WAWWE meals are delivered directly to the families and individuals who need them most, right along with the rest of our deliveries using NO single use packaging. Read more about our meal delivery here.

Partial meal subscription donations are pooled together to make bigger impacts and feed families. Any amount is very appreciated to keep this program going. 

Have someone in mind? 
If you would like to gift a meal plan subscription to a specific person or family, we can also do that. Please contact us to make arrangements. Or if you would like to gift someone items from our online a la carte menu, you can purchase a Gift Card.

Or do you want to give to a struggling Saltspring family?
Choose a one time donation below, or preferably, give a recurring gift of food security. Your gift will feed families nutritious WAWWE meals, and will have an immediate and positive impact on our community and planet too.